s.deeOctober 23, 2008

I am trying to figure out what all the abbreviations mean - is there a link somewhere that explains it? :):)



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not sure of a link but here are a few:
SD step Daughter
SS Step Son
DD Dear Daughter
DS Dear Son
BM birth mom
BF birth father (or in a lot of cases cases boyfriend)
SM step mom
SD step dad
FDH future dear husband

cant think of any more right now but those above r used quite a bit on here!

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I dislike the abbreviations, seems lazy to me. I can read the list and will have forgotten them the next time they are used.

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I always feel odd when I use "BM" for biological mom!LOL

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MIL - mother in law
FIL - father in law
GM - grandma
GP - grandpa
DH - dear husband (sometimes d@mn husband, depends on tone of post - LOL!)
DW - dear wife (sometimes d@mn wife)

CP - custodial parent
NCP - noncustodial parent
CO - court order
CS - child support
EOW - every other weekend
TOM or TOW - the other man (or woman)

BF - contextual: boyfriend or bio-father
GF - girlfriend
BD - usually bio-dad, but occasionally bio-daughter
SF - stepfather (occasionally SD is used for stepdad, but to eliminate confusion with stepdaughter, most people use SF)

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Oh, and we have abbreviation names for each other, but those are usually pretty clear.

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What if the child was adopted? Does BM still apply since technically they are not the Bio-Parents? I would say yes...but?

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I use "FSD" alot and that is "Future Stepdaughter" and you can use and "X" in front of almost any abbreviation. Like XMIL or XBIL or XW or even just X.

Oh, and, yes, I would call the adopted mother BM, but only if you'll never have a reasonable occasion (that you can forsee) to talk about the biological mother.

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bump for the newbies...

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