need advice about older craftsman router accessories!

rob432December 1, 2008

They are a sign making template set, template guide bushings, butt hinge template, trammel point attachment, and edge guide & contour finger. They are circa 1970's, but new in box with all nuts, bolts, instructions etc. Never used! They are compatible with my older Craftsman router and table. I am new to woodworking, should i pay the $40.00 or save my money for more "modern" items? I Have plenty of router books, but no one to give me hands on. If my old router dies, are these compatible with other routers? Thank you!!

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It's sort of a crap shoot. If you look at "universal router sub bases" you will see myriad holes in different orientations and spacings. There is a chance that they may not even fit all Craftsman routers made in the last 10 years since Sears seems to hop around to vendor du jour and private label variously sourced items.

Worst case is you'll need to reset the mounting holes (use a new sub-base as a template). The guide bushings are a bit more risky, but many of them are compatible with the somewhat de facto standard Porter-Cable diameters & thickness.

Here is a link that might be useful: sub base spacing

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You have a nice selection of the vintage craftsman items. I would be interested in purchasing them if you would like to sell. I have been watching some of the item on ebay. I like to do woodworking and need good equipment, like what you have. Please contact me either way.



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I have 2 older routers (1) Craftsman 1hp 2400rpm 6A Model 315 25031 incl table. (1) Sears-Simpson 1.8A Model 315 25580. Neither are found on-line Google search.Does anyone know when they were made?

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