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mom_of_4October 5, 2009

So, most of you know that BM is in the skids life bare minimum. Her reason for the last year is ... well I have school... I have clinicals. And, ofcourse the days for her clinicals change daily so we never know what days if any she is going to keep the kids on what should be her week. (Not that I think they actually change daily but that is her excuse all of the time)

So the woman picks up her kids this afternoon for her one night this week she is actually going to keep them and I tell her that oldest ss (who I am homeschooling) has homework tonight. Mind you we all agreed and she insisted on he maintain as normal a school schedule as possible with homework and all so he wouldnt get out of practice when he goes back mainstream. I tell her he didnt have a good day, wasnt on task and had to completely redo his grammar assignment. Her response "well, I have three tests to study for I dont have time for this" this meaning you know, taking an interest in her sons education and making sure he gets his homework done or maybe even... gasp... help him. She justs makes me so sick. She doesnt want to do anything... pawns off her time with her kids all of the time ... but at the same time whines that she wants to spend every moment she can with them. What a crock!!

We went to a conference for middle ss last week. DH couldnt go and it is a new school so the teachers dont really realize the situation yet... so they were ofcourse mostly talking to her. However, she couldnt answer a single question about his school work, problems, anything. She told them well I am in school and I have clinicals so really I'm not with them at homework time (news flash I go to school full time as well)... I took that as my cue to take over the conference (like usual) making sure concerns were addressed... he was adjusting to new surroundings... the works.

I told DH this afternoon that I am curious to see what her new excuse is going to be since her school crap is supposed to end at the end of the month.

Oh, and that reminds me (my own personal issues) but I am sick to death of hearing about her grand graduation and how proud the kids are of her and how mom's getting a dress tailored for her graduation...blah blah blah. It just sickens me. Three times in the last month she couldnt pick up her kids because "our power is out" but she can afford to get a dress tailored for herself. ugh. I have had to catch myself on more than one occasion when the kids were just on and on and on about mom's graduating college... this and that and then the inevitable ...when do you graduate? Not for a while. How come it takes you so long? The response I want to say is because I go to real college not a career institute. But, that would be petty. bleh (and please dont take me the wrong way I am not downing anyone who goes there trying to further themselves... Im just sure most of those people arent using it as an excuse to bail on their kids)

And one more point, I opened my stupid mouth after the conference and told her I was going to put the kids into scouts. She asked me if I could put them into scouts on her side of town. In my head I am screaming NO... there is no way I am driving way over there for an activity when you almost never have the kids... not going to happen. But, now I am obligated to at least try and make some sort of compromise that is just going to make my life more hectic and hers easier because otherwise I will look like the crappy one... awesome.

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No, you don't have to try for a compromise just because someone has the bells to put you on the spot.

Tell her no, all the friends from school are in the troop, etc.

Better yet, let the children's father tell her.

I wish you the best.

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Let your dh tell her that it is not convenient for you and him to drive to her side of town each week for scouts. And he needs to point out that with her always changing school schedule she can not committ to doing the driving. So the answer is no. Plain and simple!

My skids bm tried to do that last year with ss. She was living like 10 min away and wanted him to sign up for a sport in her town. Problem was that she did not even see the kids once a month so I knew that all the weekly practices and games would be on me to get him there. We simply told her no, that he was going to do a sport in our town because it was closer for us and we would be doing the driving.

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