Best suggestion for repairing a repair?

rjingaDecember 13, 2009

I puchased this neat old basin stand (not sure what's it real name is) but it holds a bowl and pitcher and as you can see has a mirror and a place for candles, it's missing the side handles that would hold the towels...

anyway, I just finished it with RAF and it really looks great, CEPT for that pesky little area that apparently has been repaired sometime in it's previous life and has come apart.

I'm guessing it was just a bad allignment and bad glue job, and HAD it been done with clamps etc to hold it in place, it probably would not have come apart. So now how can I remove it and redo it? without damaging it further?

I have tried to pull it together, but since it's glued to the one side, it's not budging.

Hopefully it's clear enough in this picture where the damage is

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That's no repair, it is the original glue joint. If it is still sound, don't worry about it.

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I think it is sound, but there is noticeable gap. would it be reasonable to fill the gap somehow with something? or would that mess it up?

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It appears that the extra pieces on each edge are there to reduce the width requirement on the long side pieces, but fill in the radius. Whether or not the glue joint has failed and been repaired or is original is sort of irrelevant. Because of the width of the miter, it is likely to open and close seasonally as the wood expands and contracts with moisture change.

Depending upon the glue used, warm water or warm water with vinegar may soften it. But you will have a hard time getting it back together perfectly and an equally hard time clamping it into position. I'd be tempted to just leave it, based on the photos.

If you want to fill the gap, the quick and dirty solution is a wax stick.

Here is a link that might be useful: usign a wax stick

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"If you want to fill the gap, the quick and dirty solution is a wax stick."

If the gap moves with humidity during the year, anything more permanent than a wax stick is likely to cause breakage in other locations as the wood swells and the crack is solidly filled.

At least the wax stick in the crack will be squeezed out if the joint closes with little chance of further damage.

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