Cutting down kitchen table

happylady1957December 5, 2008

Hello Folks,

Hope you experienced people here can help with this question.

We have an oak farmhouse style kitchen table with a drawer. We bought it new in the early 90's. The table seats six, and is now in a kitchen that really needs a table that seats 4. Is it possible to have it cut down, and then distressed and painted so that it looks old? We also have Richardson Brothers bent-back chairs to go with it. I'm trying to get an idea if this is possible and what would be a reasonable cost? I'd rather not replace the set, but it really doesn't fit well.

Thanks for any help and/or opinions of the above!

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Hard to say without seeing it. A picture or two would save a lot of intermediate Q&A.

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I think that if you want a table that looks old, rather than cut down and distress what you have, sell the large one and buy an old one that seats four. I think you will be money ahead.

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Thanks for the replies, folks. I don't know how to post photos, as I'm not really technologically-oriented.

Lindac, I was assuming that it would be less expensive to have the table cut down, etc. It is a good set, but I have to admit I'm so totally tired of the oak - my taste has become much more primitive for the kitchen. Also, it's just too big.

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I'm sitting at a table to which I did pretty much what you are wanting to do to yours! If the legs are bolted on (as is likely), you can remove them and the structure that frames them underneath. (As john1270 said, not seeing it makes it harder but I'll make assumptions rather than asking a bunch of questions :-) If you can get to just a table TOP then that part is a simple matter of running a skill down an end and PRESTO; shorter table. Don't worry too much about it being a beautiful line since you are going to sand, distress, bevel the edge anyway. Then you can shorten the frame that supports the legs (a little trickier but doable), sand/distress everything while it's apart, reassemble, and finish.

Now: fire back corrections based on how your table is ACTUALLY made :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website

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Wow folks, thanks for all the help! I've been away for awhile and just now saw additional replies to my question. I've found a local guy that thinks this will not be a big deal, so we'll see what happens. He even thinks I can distress/paint it myself, but I'm nervous about that!

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Bafore you pay someone....go to at least 3 antique stores and look.
I am sure you can buy what you want for less than you will pay to have it cut down and then your work distressing it.
Why go to all the trouble to make something look old when old is there for the buying?
Linda C

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