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5teadyJune 28, 2013

I have a switch in my utility with a 13amp fuse on the side of it, this is the switch to turn the security light on outside my house.
What I am wanting to do is rid of the security light, and run a wire down to my shed from the switch, and put a small consumer unit in that has 2 breakers on it, one for the sockets, and one for the light.
Is this possible to do?
What do I need?

I have a garage unit at the moment what I have never used, is this suitable?
IP55. 5-module plastic, garage kit enclosure with a neutral cable and flexible busbar.
�1 x 40A 30mA RCD
�2 x MCBs (1 x 6A
� 1 x 32A)
�Terminal Bars & DIN Rail

Product contents:
Supplied with 40A 30mA RCD, 1 x 6A and 1 x 32A MCBs B-type, terminal bars, neutral cable, busbar and DIN rail.

Any help o point me in the right direction would be great.

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Ron Natalie

Before we get started here, WHAT COUNTRY IS THIS?

It looks like you're sourcing a German part.

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OP is in the UK.

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Yes I am in the UK

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