I finally got my JOY back!

addiesueNovember 29, 2009

Hi everyone....hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanks Giving. Ours was very busy and filled with lots of family and friends which is always nice.

I needed a fresh change after the last project which was a very large door. So I chose a picture with birds and another birdhouse (my favorite subjects). I finally finished it and got it hung today. It's approx. 21"x24" and I crafted the frame to mimic twisted wood. I kind of wish I had used a lighter stain on it only because my kitchen cabinets are a light stain...but, it still works. Hope you like it.


Here is a link that might be useful: Home Sweet Home

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WOW!!!!! that is so pretty .How did you make the frane?

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Addiesue this is gorgeous. How did you do the twisted wood part. Is this a wide frame and u added to it? However u did it job well done.


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Wow...that is amazing!

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That is really pretty I would also love to know how you did the frame.

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Great Job!!! Lovely!!! Yes, how did you make the frame??? LOVE the ball chain!

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I LOVE your work. I always enjoy seeing the shape of your glass pieces. The shapes make your subject so life-like. Your leaves are especially well fashioned. I'll just bet the frame was made using your paper/dry wall mud technique????? Well done, girlie. Love the birdhouse.

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Hi everyone....I'm glad you like it. Yes, Slow you are absolutely right....lol. The frame is a framed made out of 1x2s and the faux wood is made out of newspaper coated with mud (wall texture) and then rolled like a cigar and twisted like a rope. Then I placed each one on the frame, over lapping each other. I let it cure in front of an electric heater for 4 days, then painted and sealed it. I painted it entirely with black paint first and then mixed a little mahogany stain with some brown acrylic paint and lightly brushed it on. If I try another frame like this I want to try a lighter stain with maybe a dark mustard colored acrylic to mimic a twisted pine.

Thank you again!


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