Type-S fuse adapters

pharkusJune 2, 2010

Alright. Yay. Great idea. Tamper-proof. Can't possibly put the wrong size fuses in...

... except that the guy who "upgraded" with these adapters put 20A adapters into 15A circuits... So it is now not possible to use the CORRECT fuses.

So how do I get the adapters out? My research has shown that there used to be a tool for this. What does it look like, and does anybody still make one?

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Yes, I have one of the tools. Made by Trico. I had a case where a well-intentioned person decided that if 15 amps is good, 30 amps is twice as good, so he installed 30 amp adapters in the whole panel, which had mostly 15 amp circuits. I had one where a Type S blew when the homeowner was drunk. He attempted removal with a hammer and screwdriver since he had no replacement Type S on hand. Installed new breaker panel for him. Cautions: The power main must be off when removing the adapter. Removal destroys the adapter. Some panels were made for Type S fuses and there is no adapter to be removed.

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Mon, May 3, 10 at 18:43

Well, that's something which has changed in the last six years. I personally joined, in 2003, because there were knowledgeable people here willing to give the legal answer AND answer questions as to why.

I remember this being a quite civil forum in that respect.

y'know what

screw it

human beings ain't worth my damn time.

I quit."

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Yes, I'm still around. I've got a lot of crap going on and have been in and out of some pretty weird mental states, including being suicidal for a while.

I do remember this being a civil forum, and I do feel it has gone downhill over the years. One method (which I felt like on that particular evening) is to say "screw it" and leave... but atm I think the better one is to stick around and keep doing what others USED to do and what I feel made this a good place to look for help and advice.

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I need your apology.

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Well doesn't that suck?

Apologies should be given by people who believe they've done something wrong.

I said what I meant and I retain the same opinion. I've reconsidered the decision to ditch the forum altogether, but I still strongly disagree with the change of attitude exhibited by the majority here. Truth be told I think it's a change of population, since I don't recognize many of the names I'm seeing. Either way, I'm not sorry for wanting this forum to be informative on electrical theory and practice rather than law.

The ONLY reason I am still here is to try to be that person - to provide information to people who would otherwise be flooded with "forget it, you can't legally do that" or "I don't want to explain it, so I'll tell you it's difficult and you need an electrician." If my entire purpose for being here is to be that person, how can I possibly feel bad for wanting such people to exist?

Of course, in modern society, false "apologies" are often given just to keep peace - so if that's what you're looking for: I'm sorry for wanting myself to exist.

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