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iminmystudioNovember 1, 2009

I live near the beach and started collecting sea glass a while ago, this Tiffany style lamp shade is made out of sea glass that my children and I have collected it's about 10x15 inches

Anyone that has foiled glass will understand the many hours that went in to just getting the glass ready, it was especially difficult as each piece of sea glass is different thicknesses and some are twisted or curved but this also adds to the wonderful eclectic look of the piece.

The finished shade I still need to work on the stand which is very old

Lit up at night

You can see pieces of sea glass jutting out

Close up

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This is absolutely beautiful! I can imagine the huge amount of work that went in to it and it is really stunning. Nice job!!

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That is just beautiful. I live near the beach also and collect seaglass. I have tried putting foil around seaglass and it never sticks. I am not good at stainglass I am just a beginner. So when I put the foil around the seaglass its almost like its not sticky. I wanted to make a suncatcher. Anyway how do you get yours to look black? its so so pretty

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That's the prettiest lamp I've seen in a very long time. It is soooooo unique - one of a kind for sure. I w/so love to learn stain glass just for making things like that. What do you use for a mold - to make the shape of the shade? So, do you put copper foil around each piece, then solder? I may just have to take a class. Never had a desire to make wall/window art, but this kind of use intrigues me, along w/the inspirational website SILVA posted recently. You really pulled off a beauty in this lamp.

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Wonderful. I too, can only imagine the time it took, but the result is grand.
The children will never forget this one.

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That is just beautiful!!

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That is beautiful; so unique! Wow, I can't imagine how many hours it took.

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Thanks for all the comments I really love how it has turned out, now I have to decided whether to sell it or keep it!

deezie for the foil to stick you have to wash the sea glass really well in warm soapy water then rinse well and dry completely. Even the oil from your hands will stop it from sticking properly so if I'm foiling for a length of time I keep some methylated spirits handy and wipe the glass and my hands if it stops sticking. With the foil I have also over the years had the odd roll that was faulty and just wouldn't stick no matter what. To get the black finish you use 'black patina' this is a chemical that reacts with the solder.

Slow for the mold I used an old lamp shade I had to get started then when I was about half way I hung my shade on the lamp base and applied the glass free hand. Yes you have to foil and solder each piece of glass before you start to put it together if you don't solder the edges before you assemble your glass the copper foil will oxidize and it will eventually fall apart! what a horrible thought:(

For those who are interested here are a couple of photos from the start

Here are the pieces ready to go

this is just starting on the mold, an old lamp shade under the paper

the first time I picked it up was very exciting

about half way I finished it free hand

this is before the patina is applied

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I'm mesmerized!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ooohhhh - you foil AND solder b/f starting. Then you spot solder. Those little holes, then, you just stick a small foiled/soldered piece into it, or add beads or something? I guess the possibilities are endless w/this technique. It looks like a lot of work, but I can just imagine the fun that goes into that project, and how proud you must be w/the results. How COULD you part w/it? I'd put a huge price tag on it, if I were to sell something like that - if it sells, fine, if it doesn't, fine. What a beautiful work. I looked on-line for the place where I had planned to go for classes, but it must've closed. About an hr. from here. I THINK there is someone in my town that gives lessons. Gonna check it out. You've REALLY inspired me to learn something new.

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That is Awesome!

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Wow! What a fantastic and special project! I've not done any stained glass so particularly enjoyed seeing the WIP photos.
I love that you and your family actually collected all of the glass, too!
It's so gorgeous!!!

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I took some lessons at EDS EMPORIUM in Bossier City LA.

There were 3 ladies in the class from Texarkana. I do not know how far they had driven, but they had attended several other times.

The e-mail is
The web site is

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SOXXX: Thank you so much for the addresses. I'm only an hr. from there. I'll write them today. FLAG w/probably go w/me. She is self taught, says she. How many lessons did you take until you were comfortable?

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Wow, I agree with Slow and am mezmerized too. Will have to check into classes here I think. Thanks so much for sharing. I wouldn't sell it either unless I put a hefty price on it.

Donna in Florida

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wowzier!!!!!!!!! Great tutorial. Would love to learn this, now just to find the time and space.
Absolutely great darlin.

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Lots of love went into this piece. Love it. I bet it just glows when the light is on.

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I am not that self taught..I love this and Slow is drooling and chomping at the bit to take classes. I really want to also but the schedule looks like it is thru at Eds Emporium for the year, so next year project. In the meantime I will try to do as you have shown us and put together some glass and see what I get. I have been gathering glass since I saw the site Silva posted. Ear of the wind it. I have to finish a few things first.
Thanks for the inspiration...your lamp is beautiful.

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Your lamp is really beautiful... you should keep it, it will make a wonderful family heirloom. I feel that way about my camp window... it has special meaning to all of us. Yours will to since your kids helped to find the glass. I think Slow is right... put a huge price on it, then if someone really wants it, it would be worth it to you to sell..I put such a huge price on my window that I'm sure no one would pay so much...

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