Best way to finish butcher block counters? Waterlox, poly, tung?

dmwbccDecember 11, 2010

Hi, I have scoured the end of the internet trying to resolve the BEST way to finish butcher block countertops we're installing in our DIY kitchen.

I have been impressed with the posting on Waterlox, however, the manufacturer recommends a poly. I do not want a bowling alley finish, so I would certainly use a matte poly, correct?

I would plan on staining them darker, so I shouldn't have too much concern on yellowing concerns that poly seems to bring.

As far as tung oil/mineral oil, it's my understanding that is for a natural/non-stained wood finish. Is that correct?

One person said "They'll all work, just depends on how often you'd like to re-finish them." Well, clearly my answer is "As little as possible." So, with that said- what advice do you have for me?

The countertops are maple.

Thanks in advance.


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Several coats of Waterlox would work well, ending with a couple of coats of their satin finish.

The advantage is that you can refresh it by wiping on another coat of the finish - no finish removing required.

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Little late to the rodeo here, and I guess you got the butcher block finished already. When I installed kitchens, we used a product called "Good Stuff" that Bally block recommended . It was kinda an oil based paste that you rubbed in then buffed off. Several coats provided a nice matte finish. Cant attest for how long the finish lasts, but I've never got a call back to re apply.

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