Unfinished oak cabinets- please help!

msu_girlDecember 4, 2008

I've purchased some unfinished oak cabinets for my downstairs mini-kitchen/bar area. I need help with finishing them though. I want a very dark cab, with not much graining. Either a dark chocolate or brown/black shade. I don't want them to look too DIY when I'm done either. Should I be using an opaque stain with a low sheen poly finish? Semi-opaque paint? I really want the final layer to have a nice smooth feel like my semi-custom cabs in my kitcen. Please provide any advice you have to make the best of my low-budget situation.

Thanks in advance!

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Oak is going to pick up the graining when stained. It's the nature of the wood. If you want dark stain with minimized graining, I"d suggest painting in lieu of staining. There's something you can use that's kind of like a primer to fill in/hid graining but I don't know what it's called. I'm sure one of the wood experts out there will know.

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