French finish over Waterlox?

the_crispycritterDecember 6, 2008

I don't like the glossiness of Waterlox (medium) and

would like to do the linseed-oiled-rag-with-pumice over

it. I like that type of finish and it will dull

this Waterlox sheen (which by the way, came up

more streaky, a bit mottled, after the second

coat). The piece is an old sideboard.

Also, I didn't like how much the second coat darkened

the piece. I know I can't change that most likely,

but I would like to get rid of any and all glossiness.


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You can't rub out a finish with pumice until you have formed a significantly thick film. After only two coats of waterlox, I very much doubt that it is so. The worst thing that could happen is that the pumice gets in the pores of the wood and never comes out, short of stripping it again.
Waterlox cures slower than varnish, and is IMO a poor candidate for rubbing out any way; it is on the soft side when fully cured.
Maybe try rubbing out with a gray 3-m pad instead.
I prefer a felt block for rubbing anyway, except on curves and turnings. It helps you get even pressure.
Rottenstone + oil gives a finer cut, and less chance of burning through. It's safer while learning and getting a feel for how much you can rub.

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Casey, thanks for the gray3-M, rottenstone alternative. I just have to ditch that glossy look. I can't bear to add any more waterlox. It seems each layer changes(darkens) the color ALOT.

I also researched another finish alternative: 0000 steel wool + baby oil (I assume mineral oil is the active ingredient). It seems non-messy. What do you think
about the effectivenss of that?

I will do a test on the side...


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