mosaic on wood question

oldcraftyNovember 2, 2010

I have a wooden cabinet that I want to mosaic some square glass that I purchased at Lowe's with the mesh already attached. What would be the best product to adhere the mesh to the wood?I have grout for glass tiles, will that be my best choice for grout? This cabinet will be in my kitchen and getting wiped daily as it will be used, it will not just be sitting around looking pretty!Any help will be greatly appreciated

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If I were doing your project, I'd use the Mapei Ultra Flex 2. That's what I used for my kitchen back splash and the bathroom counter/backsplash. For the bathroom grout, I used half Mapei Keracolor sanded grout and half the Ultra Flex. It's tough as nails. Just yesterday I was scrubbing the chrome and counter w/a brush and Bartender's Friend - a non-abrasive cleanser I use in the kitchen -scrubging around the sink area vigorously too. As I've said many times, this stuff (Mapei) is tough.

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Thanks slowmedown, I just knew you'd send a response! as I also figured that is what you would suggest I use, and ever since you told me about the mapei and Ultra Flex I purchased it but haven't had much of a chance to use it. I will certainly use it on this project. I used it on one poject and was happy with it, but have not had long term test on it yet. But I know you believe in it's performance. I just wasn't sure about on wood. Thanks again!

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