Just a small sampling...

FrizzleNovember 9, 2009

...of the amount of glass given to me, sorted out by color on the countertop of my classroom. These are 12"x12" artbin boxes.

I have 6 more boxes to unpack with the larger, more intact pieces. 14"x10" sheets or so. These are the smaller pieces from the pile of boxes.

How, exactly, would you suggest storing these?

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Sending some to me!
My Lord girl, you scored!

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I have the perfect system at my house. lol How about plastic crates so you can stand them up. Some of the members here have come up with ways to store their glaas. I'm sure they will check in and give you some tips. Nice haul.


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I'm not so speechless that I can't say - send them ALL to me.

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Heheee - you guys crack me up!

Yeah, it's a lot. It came from the high school - they weren't using it (in fact, the teacher's name on the side of the boxes hasn't working in the district for almost 18 years) so it slid down to me at the elementary. I don't expect to have my kids work with it, but I sure am itching to get at it!

Did some little things to try it out (posted on another thread about soldering) and now I'm ordering a grinder to really get rolling on some panels.

I have more questions but I'll ask on a separate thread....

Still trying to figure out storage solutions for this. Can't be very heavy because I'll have to slide it around and be able to put it up and out of the way at the end of the school year. I have no available empty wall space to install some hanging things..... guess cleaning out a cabinet would be my only option... we'll see.

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Try book cases, putting dividers into it to stand the sheets up.

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Wowzer, does it have to stay at the school or is it yours to take home and play with? Nice score!!!

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Since it was going to be discarded, it's mine to use. But with 3 little ones at home, it's probably safer to work in my classroom!

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