GE II gets a new look

katishookedNovember 30, 2008

Heads up everyone, GEII has changed their packaging and name. Friday I chacked Wally, Ace had one but was out of date, so went to Lowes, looked hi and low. They had white,beige brown, redwwod, but no clear. Well this is a fine thing I thot. Now what do I do? Called for help and the help had to look and look until finally grabbed a tube and said here it is. It's in a blue and white tubenow, and is called Silicone I. I thot I was going to go into withdrawls. So be on the look out for the new look.


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Hey, KAT: Thanks for the heads up. Seldom use the stuff anymore, but the same thing happened to me while looking for my favorite, long-time makeup yesterday at Walgreens. Cover Girl bought out Max Factor. Therefore, my Panstick no longer exists. Another sad day in the journey of growing old.

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Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to need some soon.

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Well posted this same on GJ side. From what I understand I think the sales clerk lead me astray. Silicone II is still silicone II, but has new colors. Sorry, but still be watchful.

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Thank you for clarifying what the GE Silcon 11 tube looks like. I had just put it on my shopping list. I am an Alaskan Master Gardener who just read an article about Glass Totems in todays newsletter. I'd never heard of them. I'm also a budding Mosaic artist who recently bought 8 bowling balls to mosaic for yard art. Great winter projects to try for the first time! Weldbond was recommended for the balls, would it be better to use the Silicon 11 for that project as well or is it only because of the clear drying glue? I've never joined a forum before. A lot of firsts in one evening. I look forward to this opportunity. Thanks again!

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Welcome, HEART..., to the forum. Glad you've joined us. Don't know who recommended Weldbond for exterior mosaic work, but it won't work. The glue re-hydrates, and all your tess w/fall off. Silicon is recommended mostly on this forum for exterior work. You might check out the Garden Junk side of this forum. They make lots of totems. Lots of experience over there. Also check the FAQs on that side of the forum. You're gonne L.O.V.E. mosaics. Post pictures of your works in progress (WIPs).

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Welcome to the forum, Heart! Slow already referred you to Garden Junk, and you'll get great info there on totems. Check both here and there for some wonderful BB pics, info, and ideas. (You can do a search at the bottom of the main page on both forums) We'll love to see what you're doing! Have fun!

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