Favorite 'brown' paint colors?

bird_lover6August 24, 2010

I'm looking for a nice brownish color to paint my office, which is adjacent to Behr Pale Wheat in foyer (a very soft, creamy tannish gold) and SW Harmonic Tan (which looks greenish in my kitchen).

Brown or greenish brown would do nicely in my office, I think, but nothing too grey.

Any suggestions? I've tried a couple so far, but one looks like - well - it belongs in the toilet. I'm sure this has more to do with lighting than anything else.

I have PB ember drapes (Peyton, I think). It's a bright orange-ish, rust-ish color.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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I have SW Camelback in several areas. It's a great medium to light brown, depending on light. I used a few lighter shades from the same strip in my last house and opted to go the darker route this time. Wish I'd gone darker still. :)

Rust/burnt orange is my favorite color and I use it in almost every room -- the walls go great with it. I use a lot of greens and creams as well, and have adjoining rooms that are painted an earthy green.

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Thanks! I'll look for that one. :)

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I have BM kingsport gray in my bedroom and love it!

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We have Behr Winter Wheat in our den and our dining room... we love it! It just may be a complement to your Behr Pale Wheat. Good luck!

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I have Camelback also. It's a pretty color with a touch of green tint when under incandescent lighting. I also have Behr Toffee Bar which is a beautiful brown. I get lots of compliments on it and it's perfect for an office, imo.

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PPS - I'd love to see a pic of the Kingsport Gray!

I really like Cabot Trail by BM. Always reminded me of a tall cool glass of chocolate milk!

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Okay, here they are, but please don't judge. we just moved in last week, our bed hasn't arrived yet, we're missing light fixtures and need to find a rug and put up artwork.

In the evening:

During the day in bright sunlight:

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Thanks, everyone! I really like that Kingsport Gray.

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SW Macadamia. It's a great nutty brown that comes out just perfect. It was our main living space color for a long time and people would compliment us on the color a lot. I almost thought it was odd for such a neutral shade to get so many compliments! But it was a nice shade!

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