Music Birdhouse, Tissue Box & Wine Brick

becky_iaNovember 15, 2011

Here are also a couple of new pictures of some things I just finished up.

A music birdhouse, a black & white and red all over! Kleenex box, and a wine brick to use when hosting wine club.

The birdhouse was so much fun to make. When I found the china cups and plates at a second hand store for $3 for the set, you would have thought I found gold! The clerk asked me what I was going to do with them, and when I told her "break them up and put them back together", she must have thought I was nuts! And the handles of the cups were perfect for the perch!

The Kleenex box was an unfinished wood box that I first painted black. I put this on my desk at work and have received many nice comments.

The wine brick was also found at a second and store and I will use this as a centerpiece the next time I host the wine club I belong to. I think I will get a few comments from them too. (A wine brick is a holder for your bottle of wine)


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Where are the others?
Get me anticipating pictures and then....
I love the idea of the shoes! Do you give them as gifts? Fun!

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Beautiful! LOVE the shoes!!! Love that sparkly glass?on the first shoe, what is that bling?!! Is that ball chain you used or pellets?

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ERNIE: I clicked on one of the photos, and it took me to BECKY's album. BECK - those are lovely, and so well worked. Loved the bed of flowers too. BTW - I wasn't able to backspace outta the album - had to get outta the forum and go back in.

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Oh Yes very pretty!!

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Fabulous! I never thougt of mosaicking my wine brick. I see a winter project in the making. Did you seal it? The music bird house is wonderful too. K box is very pretty.

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love that birdhse the most

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