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hgluckmanDecember 4, 2009

We are planning on getting a SubZero BI36R to replace our existing 19 year old Sub Zeo Refigerator/Freeser (we'll have a separate freezer elsewhere). We're looking at the full overlay paneled model, and I have downloaded all of the pertinant information on the specifications.

The panels are specified as a 1/4" backer panel which fits inside a frame, a 0.10" spacer panel to be flush with the outside of the frame, and finally the finish panels which are to be 5/8"-3/4" thick.

My questions is on the backer and space panels. I don't know where to get any material that is 0.10" thick, in the necessary size ( roughly 36 x 68 inches). While I understand that they can be made from a single piece of material, and shapped per the specs, I've never seen a 0.35" sheet either. You could, I guess, find a 3/8 sheet (0.375) and take off 0.025, but that seems like a lot of work too. Has anyone run into this? I'll be asking the appliance dealer if Sub Zero can supply this, but I'm guessing not.

We haven't picked a cabinet maker yet, but I've gotten some eye rolls when describing this requirement.

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I make my door inserts as two pieces.

One piece is the "show panel", usually 3/4" thick, it's the door that you actually see. The assembled stiles, rails, raised panels, etc. All painted or stained up purdy.

The second set of pieces I make combine the .10" spacer and the .25" panel in one. I usually rip roughly 2" to 3" wide strips of 3/4" poplar on my table saw. I'll rip a 3/4" thick poplar board to say about 3" wide. I then reset the fence to just a tad under 3/8", flip the board up on edge, and run it through so I now have ~3/8" shy thick by 3" wide strips of poplar.

Now I rest the fence to 1/4" from the blade and raise the blade to about 5/16" high. I then run the strips through. This will waste away something like a rabbet, roughly .10" by 5/16".

This poplar strip now serves as both my .10" shim and my .25" thick backer panel. I attach them to the back of my door panel, around the perimeter of the panel.

Hope it makes sense.


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Yes, that makes a lot of sense! I see how I could do that, or a modification of it (I'm actually makig my "show panels" out of six different pieces) for my project.


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