help on removing laminate or covering it up with wood putty and

mojojojogrlnjDecember 10, 2007

I bought a vintage piece that the laminat was peeling most of the laminate off only to find another section of wood glued down not smooth at all how can I either remove this without chipping piece up or how can I just use wood putty to fill then apply a thin piece of plywood to be able to finish it...(ie what kind of wood putty would you use)and what type of plywood would i use thanks

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I sounds like you are simply removing the top layer of plywood, assuming the "laminate" is wood and not a Formica-type product. If you have not veneered before, you might be better off gluing on a sheet of 1/8" baltic birch plywood (this comes in 5' x 5' sheets). You can glue this down with contact cement as if it was Formica, trim the edges, then sand and finish the top.

If it is small enough, you can get peel & stick veneer that you can easily put down and trim the edges.

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