wiring 2 chimes to one doorbell

murphy7312June 17, 2012

Hi, we have a sprawling older house with 2 chimes attached to the front door buzzer, which hasn't worked for a while. At the site of bell #1 I have a red and green wire from the buzzer, then a red wire runs from bell #1 site to a transformer, then red wire from transformer to TRANS on bell #2. A green wire runs from bell #1 site to FRONT on bell #2. If I simply close the wires at the bell #1 site (green-green, red-red), it closes the circuit and bell #2 works fine. But any way I attach the 2 sets of wires to bell #1, it either doesn't sound, or constantly chimes without pressing the front door buzzer.

How can I connect up the two sets of wires running at bell #1 site to make both work? Pls see attached diagram.

PS, I found a thread on this from 2009 (http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/wiring/msg0616221028659.html), but I'm not sure if the transformer being between bell #1 and 2 changes it. Thank you for any help. JM

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Run a 2 conductor cable from the working chime, connected to the two terminals on the working chime that presently are in use. Connect the conductors at the other end to the other chime in the same fashion. Use 18 gauge wire, not lighter. The existing transformer may or may not have enough VA capacity to power both simultaneously.

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bus driver, Thanks, I know you see the issue right away, but that is not simple enough for me. I understand your point about the 18 gauge wire and transformer capacity, but I still am not clear on where to connect the wires. I feel like I need to start there.

I've got green and red wires from the door buzzer (that's what you mean by a 2 conductor cable, right?), and green and red from the transformer-bell2 circuit. How do I connect them up to the FRONT-TRANS-REAR terminals on bell #1?

Thanks for your patience. I know this is really basic.

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Connect exactly as connected on the other one. Power from the two terminals on the working chime needs to go to the same terminals on the other chime.

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