a quick cabinet door finish (plywood)

homeboundDecember 18, 2012

Due to budget constraints of the new owner (frugal mother of friend of mine), I'm looking for a quick and relatively inexpensive method to apply a protective finish coat some new kitchen cabinet doors. They were made out of finish-grade plywood by the DIY seller. They are stained with minwax stain, but appear to be bare otherwise. If I can apply something without removing the doors, all the better. The doors are clean.

Any ideas on products and method of application? I was thinking of brushing on some quick-dry polyurethane, but wondering if wiping on something water-based might be quicker and better.

Thanks much.

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Plenty of waterborne finishes out there. I've had good luck with products of General Finishes. Remember, while they may dry to the touch quickly, curing takes much longer.

There's also a brush on lacquer that dries very quickly as well. It does stink to high heaven, so you'll need good ventilation.

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I spray w/b, and yes, it does dry quickly. You might have a hard time getting it to wipe on well.

About the most foolproof finish is a wipe on varnish. You can do three coats a day over three days and be done.

Choosing a finish.

Finishing for first-timers

Wiping varnish

Here is a link that might be useful: Wipe on varnish tutorial

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Thanks guys.

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