Ceiling Fan Capacitor

bobby_tJune 3, 2014

I have a Litex/Harbor Breeze ceiling fan that has developed a heat sensitive cap -- Litex has sent me a replacement, but it is a slightly different one than the cap that is failing. The cap in the fan is a five wire 4.5/6/5; the one they sent me is a five wire 4.5/6/6. Can they be safely interchanged or am I asking for trouble?

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Capacitance in microfarads or fractional or farads is a fairly inexact "more is better" within reason sort of thing when dealing with starter caps for most electric motors. It is more critical that the voltage ratings be fairly close but a bit on the higher side in a replacement if that is only what is available.
Anyway, sounds normal, should work ok as it is a factory sourced replacement.

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