Refinish Issue - Mother of Pearl Inlays

gpraceman55December 5, 2013

I got a decent oak pool table off of Craig's List and wanted to refinish it. Currently, it has several scratches and some magic marker on it. The rails have mother of pearl inlay dots. Do I need to mask or otherwise protect the inlays from the stain or will they repel the stain naturally?

I was looking to do a light sanding and then apply a gel stain. However, I will wipe off the excess stain. I've had good results refinishing an oak cabinet in that manner. It darkened the wood just enough and left the wood grain visible.

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I suggest addressing the inlay then masking it off before starting the wood. The compisition of the inlay is uncertain but can be handled the same regardless. If the inlay suits you as is,just mask off until refinish is complete. If you would like it to be brighter,machine buff with polishing compound then hand buff with finesse-it or simlar. If inlay has scratches that can be seen by naked eye,buff with buffing compound before polishing compound. Mask inlay and chemicaly clean wood (esp near inlay) before sanding.

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