Lightening the dark stain on wood cieling

angiebyteDecember 11, 2010


Thank you in advance for reading and any advice you can give.

We are purchasing a home that has a beautiful wood cieling and some wood walls. the cieling goes up into an inverted 'v' if that makes sense.

Someone at some point has stained it a very dark brown, and it makes the whole living room look dark. We want to stain it a lighter color but using a stripper or solvent to remove the old stain / varnish is going to be impossible on such a large scale.

We contacted a sandblaster and he didn't think sandblasting it off would be realistic.

We thought of painting over it but would lose the wood grain.

Have you any thoughts or suggestions of getting this wood to a lighter color? If it isnt really possible economically to do so, what color would you paint it? Gloss white?

The house was built in 1958.

thank you !


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There is nothing of which I know that will be sensible to use to lighten a wood ceiling in place.

That means painting. Or installing something over the present material. There are a lot of materials that can be installed on ceilings. Tongue and groove wood/faux wood, tiles, all kinds of stuff.

Do a little research before making up your minds.

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Agree. I've yet to find a "dark eraser."

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A lot of sandpaper. And a scraper for the v-grooves, if any.
And a lot of time standing on scaffolding. And some liniment for your stiff neck.
Link to the sander I use for big jobs. With the hepa-filter vac it's a virtually dust-free job.

Here is a link that might be useful: Festool sander/vacuum set

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thanks guys! Looks like I will be buying some LAMPS! Im not into all that sanding! And hubbies not sure painting it would adhere.

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Clean with detergent and water, and prime with a shellac-based primer (e.g., B-I-N) and you should be fine to go with paint.

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How about using one of the "white-wash stains" or a semi-transparent stain in a lighter color.

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