cutting angled slot

fishloreDecember 15, 2009

I need to cut a slot in the end of a 3/4" square stock. The slot has to be 3/32" wide and 7/8" long and at a 65 degree angle (25 degrees off plumb).

My 14" Delta table tilts from 0 degrees to 45 degrees clockwise. This works fine by setting the table at 25 degrees and making two cuts 3/32" apart.

My problem: I need to make a mirror image of this slot but my saw table doesn't tilt in the other direction. What do I do?

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How tall is the piece?

Run it over the saw standing on end using a carriage.

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Sounds like the table is on a 14" band saw, not a table saw.

Probably the best alternative is using a hand saw with a guide jig.

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How is this even a problem on a handsaw?

Turn the wood 90 degree and use a flat table.

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