stainless steel tiles?

soxxxxNovember 15, 2010

I bought about 5 square feet of stainless steel tiles at a garage sale. They are 2x2" on a mesh backed square foot piece. They may be cut into rows or cut individually. Actually each tile is a stainless steel cap glued on to a ceramic square.

After that long explanation my question is for ideas for how to use them. What other material would be compatable with the steel look?

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Researched stainless tile - advised not to use outside even though it is frost resistant, and not for floors. So I am thinking that any project would have to be inside and vertical. Also the site said to use unsanded grout and plastic tools to prevent scratching. Maybe I bought a pig in a poke (whatever that really means).

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They would look good combined with vitreous glass tiles, natural tumbled stone, really a lot of things. I would still use sanded grout myself; I can't stand the unsanded grout. I have used sanded grout with mirror tile and have not had any problems. When I grout over mirror tile, I grout and clean gently. With tiles this large, it would be easy to cover the tile with that blue painter's tape that you can get at Lowe's before you grout.

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You could mix glass tile, stone or travertine tiles to create a mosaic blend

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It would be good mixed with glass as a back splash, or as a modern mirror or picture frame.
Remember to post pics when you use them.

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