What type of circuit breakers are these?

BlazitoJune 12, 2013

I need to replace one and was wondering what kind of circuit breakers are these. I googled stuff and noticed they have 1/2" and 1" single pole breakers. Mine are 1/2", I know that much. But what would I call these breakers? I noticed they have different letters like C style breaker...D style etc etc...


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More information would be helpful. What manufacturer is the panel? How old is it? What do the labels on the breakers say? Are the breakers the same or different? The white label on each breaker looks promising. It appears the top breaker is 1/2" challenger and the ones below it are actually 1" piggy back breakers of some sort.

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The panel is a Westinghouse L20-2040ct. How old is it? I have no idea. I've lived in the house for 12 years and by the looks of it, my guess is it's been there since the building was built in 79. Just a guess though. There is a combination of 1/2 and 1" single pole and dual pole breakers. The ones in the picture are all 1/2" breakers. All but one are wired.

Those labels on the breakers say the following:



HACR TYPE _______

CTL TYPE: MH 120-240 VAC



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I can see that the top one is 1/2' but the ones below it look to be piggy back 20/20 1' breakers. This theory is only made more likely by the fact that the bar code sticker spans across what would be 2 1/2' breakers. That is not likely. More likely is that it is a piggy back (tandem) similar to a siemens QT.

Here is a link that might be useful: breaker picture

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Here is another picture that shows that each breaker has it's own wire connected except 1. Can they still be in piggy back configuration like that?

So my question is, what would I look for to replace the bad breaker. The bad breaker is making the sizzling sound and makes the lights flicker in the kitchen. When I reset that particular breaker, the sizzling sound stops for a week or two, and will then randomly make the lights flicker again. It gets a bit warm too. If I was to order one online, what would I look for? Complete noob when it comes to this.

Thanks for the help.

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The breaker without a wire is not in use. That circuit may have been removed.or moved to another breaker.
To buy a replacement breaker, you need to know:
The manufacturer of the breaker
the model type of the breaker
# of poles and voltage

Since it is a Westinghouse panel, chances are that you need a Westinghouse breaker, single pole, 120 volt and either 15 or 20 amps (that's the number on the toggle)
I believe the model type would be 'EB'.
You can probably find them in a local hardware store, Lowes, etc.
Take the bad one with you and make sure the new one looks like it will fit into the panel the same.
How much of a newby are you? It isn't brain surgery to replace a breaker, but you have to keep in mind where the live voltage is and make sure the connection is tight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Westinghouse Breakers

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The link given for "Westinghouse Breakers", is similar to Breaker Brokers. Not sure you can pick up Westinghouse breakers at your local Lowe's.

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As best as I can tell, the Westinghouse panel is obsolete. There are a number of on line companies that provide after market breakers. Westinghouse has been out of consumer products for a long time. However, if you are interested in a locomotive........

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What is sizzling, the breaker itself of the breaker-bar connection? If the latter, you may have a damaged bus bar.

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I can hear the sizzling sound coming from the breaker itself. But like I said, once I reset it, the sound stops.

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Looks like Home Depot carries the breakers I need. Looks pretty much the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot

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