Security wiring in new construction home

violetwestJune 28, 2013

A complaint and a question --

I bought a new home which came "fully wired" for a security system. Great, except . . . I'm pretty ticked off at the aggressive security sales pitches I'm getting from several companies, who expect me to pay a monthly fee to them. The more they push me, the more I resist.

So, without the hook up to these companie' systems, I have exposed wiring stubs on all my windows and doors. Which my cats chew on, and look unsightly.

Are there any options for me to use this wiring WITHOUT incurring regular monthly fees? Can I use them to hook up a home intranet/security camera on the front door, for example?

Can I buy my own security hardware and have it installed by an electrician, for home monitoring with my own computer, without having to pay additional fees?

Just wondering what my options are.

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Well, chances are none of it will be worth anything as far as networking goes. It's probably all alarm wire, not data cable.

You'll have to ask your electrician if there is anything they do. Some do alarm systems, some do not.

IMO it's doubtful you can do anything local with it. Either way all that will happen is a siren will go off during a trigger.
You probably can wire smoke detectors to it, but if this is a new house as you say you'll already have battery back up smoke and smoke/CO detectors.

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ok; thanks. It's not that I object to a security system per se -- just object to the hard sell. and the extra money per month.

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Ron Natalie

Get a better alarm installer. I have no "exposed wiring stubs" on anything.

You're alarm is diminished without monitoring. You'd really need some off-site notification be it calling your cell phone or a friendly neighbor.

Kick the hard sellers out the door until you find someone who will give you a competent presentation on what your options are. My recommendation is to talk to some other neighbors and see if they have a recommendation on contractor.

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The "extra money per month" you are referring to is a monitoring fee. It allows the monitoring company to notify police or fire department in case of an alarm. That is what alarm systems are for. It is not a scam. You are getting a service for the money you pay every month. If you simply want a local alarm (loud horn to wake up you and your neighbors) then install your own hardware and be done. If you want the police or fire department to be dispatched if your house is broken into or on fire, pay a monthly fee.

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Any monthly fee over $25 is what your paying for the system install. That's how they make their money. Where do you live?

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When an alarm company installs a system, they often do it at a reduced price if you sign a monitoring contract because they want your longterm business. I think you are misinterpreting this as a hard sell.

If you just want a local system installed -- one where police and fire won't be called -- then pay an installer the full price for what it will cost to have the equipment installed and forget about the contract. However, in my opinion, a local alarm is not worth very much.

I moved into a house that was fully pre-wired for security and all of the doors and windows had 1/4" caps over the holes and the wire ends were just inside waiting to be pulled out. You could always stick the wires in the holes, cap them off, and forget about it, too.

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Check out a company called NextAlarm for your monitoring. Very reasonable rates compared to many of the big name outfits. Lots of options for service and equipment. I have used them for years without complaint.

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Our previous house came with this kind of pre-wiring. We stuffed the wires into the holes, used a setting putty to close them up, sanded, primed and painted. No more wires and no problems. (and neither irritating false alarms nor alarm companies to deal with)

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