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cookie8December 24, 2009

Yesterday, my husband said he wants this tool that will do cutouts in the corner to make joints for building things like bookcases, etc. It seems specific to the top shelf where the joint may be a lap joint. It is so the top shelf if flush with the sides. Both have 90 degree cut outs to set itself nicely. He told me the name but I forget and was hoping they could help me at the local home improvement store but they couldn't. I am looking - does a compound miter saw sound right? He said it had an arm on it though. He told me the name but I was hoping I could surprise him and not have to ask again. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, your description of what he wants to do with this tool is not very clear. I have been doing woodworking for 50 years and I can't figure out what "do cutouts in the corner" means. If I were doing a joint like I think you're trying to describe (a half lap) or a dado cut (which is a groove that accepts the edge of another board), I would either use a table saw, a radial arm saw, or a router (possibly table-mounted). The only thing a compound miter saw could do in regards to a bookcase like that is to cut the boards to the right length; it would not be possible to cut uniform-depth grooves with it. The only tool that has an arm among those I described above is the radial arm saw, and that is a minimum of $600 for a decent one...you could easily spend over a $1000 for a high quality one.

Can you try again to explain what this tool you're looking for is supposed to do?

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