Does anyone know how to turn logs into posts for gazebo?

gottagardenDecember 27, 2010

Hi, I usually live in the gardening forums and am new to woodworking - thanks!

We want to build a gazebo using ash logs. We have acres of tall straight ash trees that we can cut in matching sizes. (and I fear they are eventually doomed anyway because of emerald ash borer)

My husband is experienced at both logging and woodworking. He has used raw lumber and planed it for projects, but this time we would like the look of "logs" rather than lumber. here are some sample photos of the log look we would like, although not exactly either design.

From [2010 Misc]( From [2010 Misc](

How do you remove the bark?

How and how long do you dry the logs?

What do you use to seal it?

How often does it need to be resealed?

Other considerations?

I have done a web search and come up with very little, so I was hoping someone here might have some experience.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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The bark on these is usually removed by a high-pressure water blast. You could peel it off by hand.

You don't need to dry the logs - they will crack and shrink no matter what you do to them.

Seal them with whatever you use to seal other outdoor wood with.

The trick is to keep the end of the logs dry - mount them on a bolt sticking out of the gazebo base, or modify a pole plate to fit into the base of the lof. That prevents base rot.

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As I recall, ash is not a particularly good 'outside wood.'
It has low decay resistance and can be prone to beetles while still in the green state.

Here is a link that might be useful: comparative decay resistance

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Thanks for the replies.

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You can buy a tool that will form a round tenon on the ends of the members, which simplifies joinery somewhat but gives a specific look. I am not certain what the largest size of tenon cutter is, but at least 3" dia.

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