Attic Fan Thermostat Replacement

rajthebamJune 22, 2007

Hey guys,

Trying to replace the thermostat on the attic fan in our attic. I know I have to turn the power off in switchboard located in basement. there are two boxes near the fan. One is medium size circular box and other is rectangle smaller box. I had one of those free estimates guys come in and look at that thermostat and he said i need to replace the thermostat and he took out the small rectangular box and handed it over to me (by the way this has two black wires coming out). He said 350 dollars for changing so I said no thank you to him and let him go. Help from you guys can save me this money. I know thermostats are cheap at may be 20-30 bucks so I have opportunity to save some money for my son's PS3 need here. Any help with diagrams appreciated. I will shut power off dont worry. To give you backgroud, there is fan already installed and two boxes as stated above. also there is on/off switch wired in. so literally i just have to change the thermostat. let me know guys. thanks.

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I'm a little confused by your post. Did the previous "free estimate guy" remove the thermostat? Do you have the proper replacement? What do the instructions or diagram say? And, you'll need to turn the power off at the breaker panel.

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One of those boxes probably has a dial that points to a range of numbers (temperature values) That is where you'll find the thermostat. Turn off the power (don't rely on the wired-in switch), open up that box and remove the thermostat. Obtain a new thermostat. If it's not the same make and model as the original, make sure that it will fit into the same box and has the same electrical rating as the original (something like 600v and 15 amps). Install the new thermostat the same way as the old one was in there (incoming black wire to one terminal/lead, black wire to fan connected to the other terminal/lead). Reinstall wire nuts, as needed, fold everything back into the thermostat box, turn the power back on and adjust the thermostat setting (start at the lowest setting and move it up till the fan turns off, just to verify that it works)

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Thanks guys...OK here is the deal. The circular box (which is bigger than the rectangular one since all the wiring is happening in here) has the thermostat in it. the thermostat i bought fm home depot looks a little diff and does not seem like it will fit into that rectangular box. but besides i have couple more questions fm your post. 1) what are wire nuts? 2) new thermostat will have two wires coming out...where will these two wires attach? both of these are black and tell me where they should be connected to?

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Are you sure you have the proper thermostat for an attic fan? They aren't the same as heating thermostats. They make on temperature rise, instead of on temperature fall.

I think you may be a bit too much at sea here. You should find someone who won't charge you an outrageous fee like $350 to do this job safely for you.

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Hey Raj,
If you don't die in your attic you might just burn your house down.
How much of the free estimate guys time did you waste?
Did you at least offer him a 50?

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