Nd help selecting Interior Fam Rm Paint Color

SC987August 5, 2012

I am trying to decide what color to paint my large family room that has a vaulted ceiling. I am thinking about using SW Ivoire or perhaps something like Tobacco Road (if I can still get it mixed) but don't know if either color will go well with the antique red brick fireplace and red oak trim that is in the room. Any suggestions? I'm tired of white walls and ceiling.

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I have a red brick fireplace and redish mahogany furniture and I used Sherwin Williams Compatible Cream. It's a golden color and looks great with red tones.

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The BM site suggested beacon hill damask to go with my red brick fireplace and deep brown beams. It's too green for me but by following the "more like this" links I am finding more possibilities.

Do you have a photo?

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Here is a photo--I think. I like your suggestions so far. What do you think after looking at the photo? Thanks!!!

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Tobacco Road is a shade or two darker than Ivoire. I find Tobacco Road to be similar to SW Whole Wheat with TR being a bit more gold.

Ivoire is lovely. I have it in my living room which gets morning sun and foyer which is fairly dark. It looks nice in natural and artificial light. I haven't tired of it at all.

Another thought is something like SW Netsuke or Ecru. They are on the strip next to Ivoire and have more green in them. Since red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel, Netsuke/Ecru would "cool" the red in your brick and oak. Those colors were suggested to me for the house we're moving to which has cherry stained oak floors. I haven't painted yet, but did a foam board and I like the combination. In light, the Netsuke/Ecru appears more yellow/beige, but at night in artificial light, the green will is apparent. I don't mind this as a prefer a yellow/beige with green undertones as compared to one with fleshy undertones.

I'd suggest you get a couple of samples of the SW Color to Go (about $6 each), paint some foam or poster board, and set it next to your brick. Leave it there a couple of days to see it in different light.

Or you could just paint part of the wall next to the brick with the Color to Go. Some people like to paint a big area before choosing.

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