How was this made ?

toomuchglassNovember 1, 2011

I swear - I need a refresher course on grouting because it's been so long. On another forum , someone asked how to uae spent bullet casings. Another lady posted this picture --- A "Man's birdhouse" ... I love it ! On the walls - do you think the grout is laid on and the stones were just pushed in ? Is it finished with a thick coat of poly urethane?

I just HAVE to make one for my son ( and me of course !)

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Grout will not hold things-its not an adhesive type product. They either used mastic or thinset to push the stones into. And then either polyurethane or a thick glossy stone sealer I would guess.

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Ahhhh-- thinset --- that makes sense !!!

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Good grief. This is spooky. I just posted "Carol's Urn", and then started reading the forum. When I came and saw Carol's post, I thought someone had brought it up, and when I first read toomuch - I almost lost it - You KNOW what I was thinking, TOOMUCHGLASS. Nice to see you still check in here periodically.

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LOL - Slow !!! It's that spooky time of year !
You know we all think alike.... ;)

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wow i agree with Slow... my eyes couldn't believe I was seeing a post by toomuch. how the heck are you? geez... and yeah the birdhse is cool

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I probably confused y'all as much as I was. I was so danged confused. I was thinking of Carol, of course, after working on her urn and posting it on Flickr, and her Flickr name was Toomuchtwodo, so when I read your post, of course, my eyes only went to "Toomuch". I thought someone had bumped one of her old posts. And THEN when I saw a response - again my mind only saw "Toomuch". Then my mind went nuts for a few seconds, cuz the whole time I was working on the urn I felt she was watching me. The pieces from her stash seemed to be all fitting perfectly. She was soo good about cutting her tiles and organizing them. I was sorta talking to her in my mind - it was like she was there cutting the pieces as I needed them to fit. It was a very spiritual thing, I tell you. I definitely felt her presence.

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That IS EERIE !!! I would have freaked out,too ! I'm sure Carol *told* you where each piece should be :)

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I under stand fully .I made a cross for a friend of mines mother a few months back who more or less starved her self to death.She was a girl scout of mine many years a go she had a sp in my heart .Any way while I was making the cross I swear she set on my shoulder all the time I was making it .Her presence was so real.Then when I got through with it she was gone.So real!!

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There really are inspired pieces, I believe. I felt the same when I was making a shrine to my DD and her nursing profession. I felt God's presence through each piece I put on it. To this day, I can't read the book I made to go w/it w/o crying. It brought tears to my student's eyes last week when she read the book after looking at all the pieces in the shrine. Real inspiration, indeed, NANA.

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Since it looks smooth, shiny and gray, It resembles PC-7 brand epoxy putty. Epoxy is good for holding together disparate materials like used in that project. It can be tooled smooth before it sets with some xylol on a gloved finger or tool.

Here is a link that might be useful: PC-7 epoxy

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