Which (loctite) construction adhesives for mounting trims?

ciacDecember 6, 2009

Hi There:

I'm trying to use adhesive to mount base and door trims in my bathroom. I have bought a tube of "loctite powergrab for moulding and paneling" which as it states, were meant specifically for trim mounting and drywalls. However, there's another tube of Loctite PowerGrab multipurpose that also claims to be good for trims and drywalls in its description. Anyone may know the difference?

The wall of the bathroom isn't straight. On one of the walls the trim goes on with quite a bit of difficulty, and had to be pressed down hard for bracing. I have been gluing the trim, bracing it, and driving finishing nails after the glue dries and with braces still on. What is the product that people use for strong holding power so that the trim won't pop out under abuse or pressure?


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I would suggest just nailing your trim. While construction adhesive works, it makes it a lot harder for the next guy if the moulding needs to be replaced.

For that piece on the curved wall, make what are called "kerf cuts" across the back of the moulding. They're parallel cuts made with a saw placed about 1/4" to 3/8" apart. Obviously you want to be careful not to damage the finished side of the moulding. Those will allow the moulding to bend.

While not the best picture, should give you some idea what I'm talking about:

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