Stained glass question?

mbhoneybee63November 5, 2013

Can anyone tell me if they really notice the difference in brands of solder (60/40) used for stained glass. I have just always used what was available at my local stained glass supply store. I have found some less expensive solder (not necessarily cheaper) on ebay and wonder what the difference in quality is. Is it a matter of impurities or how it looks when it finished? Please give me any of your opinions or experiences in using different brands of solder.

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Have never done soldering but I bet someone on here can help you with that question. Good Luck

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I would not mess with cheaper solder. Too much work to take the chance of it not being any good.

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I've been doing stained glass for 20 years. I always buy what's on sale. Usually it's not the name brand. I've never had any problems. If I can get solder for $10.00, I'm not going to pay $18.00 for a name.

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Years ago I had a non-brand name that gave me trouble. It pit and spit like crazy. Supplier sent a replacement.

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I have done stained glass for many years as well and use whatever is on sale. I have never had a problem with any of it. If it is spitting and pitting, your iron is too hot for the solder or you are using too much flux. Turn the iron temp down and don't over do the flux.

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