Electronic or Magnetic Ballast

geoffrey_bJune 20, 2013

I'm installing two low voltage can lights. Each can light has it's own transformer (as part of the light's assembly). So naturally, the transformers will be in the attic.

I can buy them either with a magnetic or electronic ballast. I plan on buying the appropiate dimmer.

Which type of ballast is preferable?

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Ron Natalie

Just saying Magnetic vx. Electronic isn't sufficient. An electronic ballast CAN be superior, but it doesn't mean they are. Electronics CAN be dimmable and compatible with some of the crappier home automation devices, but you'll need to read the documentation.

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The 'can' lights are high quality - you can get either transformer. We have a Lightolier lighting system. I can order either type (magnetic / electronic) dimmer.

Prices are the same - just wondering if one is more durable than the other.

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Electronic ballasts are much more electrically efficient and they only reason I can think of for a reputable manufacturer to offer both is to incorporate the magnetic ballasts into existing lighting/control systems.

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Thanks. I'll go with the electronic ballasts!

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