Sealing modified Particle board cabinetry

PoorOwnerNovember 14, 2008

If you made modifications into the sink cabinet that is made of melamine over particle board, what is the best way to seal off the exposed edges?

I would go to my default choice of letting the edges soak in as many coats of polyuethane as it needs.

What about wood filler? Minwax high performance and maybe clean the edges again with a router?

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Will the cut edges show?

The cut edges will also easily absorb water and cause swelling of the particle board.

Multiple coats of poly can cerate a decent seal if water cannot sit on the surface.
It will not look as good as a real suruface though.

Minwax wood filler is a pale brown color, and would create a smoother surface, but would still need some type of top finish for protection.

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