Soldering lamp wire to brass(?) terminals/contacts.

mwhiddenJune 9, 2014

I'm rewiring an old sewing machine's speed control pedal. There's a back plastic block section where the motor and accessory light plug in. Originally, it was wired from the wall into the block and out to the pedal with pop rivets through the brass contacts you can see in the photo. I'd like to rewire this without the pop rivets.

Can I do this effectively with solder? After removing the old pop rivets, how would I solder the copper stranded 18 gauge lamp cord through/to the holes in the contacts?


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I'm sure it could be done, but I am unclear what you are asking. Are you a beginner at soldering and need to know the procedure? If it were me I would clean the brass really well then poke the wire into the hole a bit, then apply the iron pressing down on the wire. Then I would feed the solder into the wire till the hole fills up. Do not try to melt the solder with the iron, you must get the wire and the brass contact hot enough to melt the solder for a good joint. (a solder joint that is). ;)

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I know the very basics of soldering (heating the material not the solder, eg.,) but wasn't sure how to get the wire to actually 'attach' to the brass hole. I've only ever soldered two wires together.

If sticking the wire through the hole and then soaking it with solder until the hole is fill up is the way to go, then that is great info, and I think I can make that work.


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Don't forget flux

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Ok, so that worked perfectly, and also was the solution to a related issue I was having with the wiring to the motor (same solution). Worked like a charm.

I'm assuming that if the wire survives a good yank, then it is well attached. Electrically, it works as it should.

As for flux, I used the lead-free solder that was in the soldering iron package. It didn't say if it had a rosin core, but it smoked and if I cut it, it visually has a core, so I'm thinking I'm ok on that front.

So, thank you very much!

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