How long to wait before waxing?

riff3November 10, 2007

We refinished pine bedroom furniture for DS - gel stain then multiple coats of spray laquer. It turned out great, and DH suggested I wax it to further protect it (Johnsons paste wax). Can I wax it now, 1 week after the spray laquer was applied or should I wait longer? Is there a set time I should wait before waxing? Don't want to do anything to ruin it.


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You won't get any benefit for waxing it now. I would wait at least six months. When you do wax it, apply a thin coat and then using a soft cloth, like a diaper, try to rub it all off, that will leave the wax in any open pores in the lacquer film, which is the only useful function it will serve. Don't wax too often or you will end up with a sticky,gooey build up. Once or twice a year at most.
I have found Guardsman polish, the type you mix about 4:1 with water is best for furniture. It doesn't leave an oily film and doesn't change the gloss. It is available in some supermarkets, furniture stores, and some home centers.

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Guardsman makes an excellent polish. I use it regularly. About once a month is right. The most sure place to find it is Bed, Bath and Beyond. Use the 20% coupon that comes every other week in the mail, it seems.

It does not go well with wax though, so you either need to remove the wax first or start with polish and stay with polish.

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I would wait at least 3 weeks after the last coat of laquer to wax your furniture. A good coat of hard wax with a lot of carnauba will really protect the finish from moisture and wet glasses etc. I use Tre wax. I put a coat on with a damp colth in an area about 3 square feet....let it haze over and rub with a micro fiber cloth....don't rub hard but rub fast.... to create heat to smooth out the wax surface. Then repeat in about a week.
Never use pledge, guardsman or anyother soft oily solvent based cleaner on a hard waxed surface or it will turn smeary. If perhchance someone does use an oil or solvent based orange glo or something, you will have to remove all the wax with mineral spirits and start over.
For regular cleaning use a dry cloth or a cloth dampened with plain water and dry well.
Linda C

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Thanks for all of your advice!

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