HELP please - how do I remove...........

rosiewNovember 1, 2011

I just got an amazing bunch of 1/2" glass tile samples and am trying to remove the mesh backing and leftover adhesive. I've soaked them in really warm water with a bit of detergent. The mesh comes off easily but the gooey stuff remains. Before doing each tile individually thought I'd ask y'all.

Don't know what I'll be making but really excited with this treasure trove.

Thanks a lot for your advice.


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Have you tried vinegar? or maybe acetone? Or goo gone. thats what I would try in that order.

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Thanks, Wacky. Tried vinegar - nothing. Nail polish remover worked. BUT did some math - think I have +/- 3000 of these really small pieces. Feel I need to find something I can immerse them in to melt this mess.

A further question for all of you - do you think I'll be able to get them to adhere if some of the adhesive is still on???

I've Googled several ways but my search doesn't give me the right info.


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If the adhesive isnt a thick layer-I would think it would be ok with thinset or silicone as an adhesive. do a couple test pieces to something and see how easy it is to pull off.

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Thanks again, Wacky. I did manage to clean a bunch of them yesterday by heating in a saucepan with some laundry detergent, simmering for a good while. Have 15 of the colors finished. They are so gorgeous. Now back to reading on this forum for inspiration. Will probably be back with more questions soon. So appreciate your help.

Rosie, Sugar Hill, GA

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excellent method, I'll have to remember that... I have avoided dealing with mesh backing because of that glue

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