Suggestion on complete cabinet vs faceframe doors only

mileleNovember 15, 2011


I am posting again because I think that my question was not completely clear. I have a niche that measure 52"w and 24" right and left walls. On the 54"wide wall there is a window positioned at 66" from the floor. We are considering 2 options:

1) build a frame in the niche and buy a faceframe + 3 doors + 1 top shelf to create a cabinet

2) buy a custom cabinet 21"(d)x48"(w)x52"(h) and add two filler on each side and the top shelf.

Do you have any suggestion on best way to build the cabinet?

The purpose is to hung outdoor jackets and hide shoes. It will be very visible at the entrance of the addition. It should look nice and made of wood (simple style because the rest of the addition is modern). I do not want a cubby system because I DO NOT want to see the clutter. I cannot go more than 21 deep because I have light switch on the side.

Here a picture with the cabinet on the right which represents exacty what I have envisioned for the space.ät=nichecabinet.jpg

Any suggestion is highly appreciated. :)

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Correction, the cabinet can be 62"high because the window is at 66" from the floor. Sorry

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I think you ought to look into having the switch moved around the corner so you can use the whole 24" depth, especially if you expect this cabinet to have a closet rod and hangers; otherwise the bulky coats will want to push their way out of the doors, the cabinet will be difficult to close and you'll end up looking at the clutter a lot more often than you're hoping for. Compromising the depth for the sake of a simple light switch is not a good idea.

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Thanks jon1270, moving the switch is not an option and 24 deep would not look good because it will take more space in the hallway that we want. I might have to put the bar for hunging the clothes instead of across (side to side) from back to front, may be 3 of them. We have another place for bulcky clothes anyway. What would it be the suggestion about building the frame...I have no idea how to start...Thanks

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