Window and door stain color to go with natural red oak floors

jacksonholeNovember 1, 2007


I'm new to this website and this is my first posting. I hope someone can help me. We have a new house and put in natural red oak floors (no stain, just oil based poly). They are beautiful. But, now our dilemma is what color of stain we should put on our windows and doors. They are white pine from Pella. We have lots of light - south and west exposure and lots of windows. Does anyone out there have a suggestion about a color name (and if you do, could you give the brand name of the stain as well)?

Thank you so much! I've read through some of the threads here and you guys really know your stuff and are so kind.

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Since you're not sure of the color, you might start by kicking it around on the decorating forum. This woodworking forum leans toward advice on technique, which might be more useful when you have a clearer idea of what you want to achieve.

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jon1270 is right - this forum may not be as much help as might be some others. Its also true that wood is wood, and any stain that shows the wood off will be great. Also the choice might be as much decided by your own likes and dislikes.

Having said all that, consider that red oak will naturally have a bit of a red tint to it. So you might choose to go with that, and use a stain with a similar nature so they will blend together. (Sorry, I can't offer any specific colors/names.) Alternatively, perhaps go a bit yellower with the pine, then use your decoration scheme to bring the two together. Use reds and yellows in your furnishings. Pillows, window treatments, etc.

Or, as I take a look around our living room, I see an eclectic variety of pine, cherry, ash, oak (both red & white), teak, walnut, maple, goncalo alves, hickory, myrtle, padauk. All seem to harmonize quite well.


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Oh darn. I thought I had the answer for you until I reread and saw that your trim is pine. Well, I'll tell you what we've done on our basement remodel anyway. It still might be useful. We also get lots of southern and westerly light. We have used a mix of red and white oak and have been extremely pleased with our choice of stain/poly. We used red oak(no. 248) Varathane stain and clear satin (no.91) Varathane polyurethane. It gives a beautiful rich looking finish. Hope that helps. Even if you choose a different color, I would highly recommend that particular brand. It's worked very well for us.

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It takes a rather involved recipe of different stains to get pine to look good to start---much less look like/comparable to oak. I have done a fair amount of trim on my remodeling jobs and have yet to get a good comparable color for pine to match any other wood. The reasons are due to the color, grain texture, wood density, and wood absorbtion rates of white pine. Pine is famous for staining with blotches and light/dark areas.

One way to minimize that tendency to blotch is to apply a pre conditioner---but I have had terrible results with off the shelf conditioners. I much prefer a one pound cut mixture of white(Blond) shellac as a preconditioner. That is one pound of white shellac flakes disolved in one gallon of denatured alcohol---and then set until the wax settles out---which can take a week.

So, staining and finishing pine is difficult to do and trying to match/get compatable colors adds to that.

Seems to me a faux finishing technique might be a better idea.

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