Construction of Plank Stair Treads

DSilverNovember 19, 2012

I am in the midst of a basement remodel and would like to install plank stair treads that are approx. 48"x 2". I think oak will be the most suitable species. From pictures I have seen most treads look like one solid plank (they are not the rustic plank type - they are finished, stained etc). I am not a woodworker, but need to understand what type of construction would be best for this type of installation (stairs down to basement 7 total, butted up on one side to wall, other side open). I would like the look of one solid piece - what would be a reason to rip pieces of oak and glue vs. use one solid piece?

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what would be a reason to rip pieces of oak and glue vs. use one solid piece?

I can think of a couple:
- ability to find stock in the proper width (at all or without a lot of waste)
- less chance of warping.

I'm not a builder, but the wood I buy is random length and width. If you can find dimension stock, it will have less waste but higher cost.

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Go to a lumber yard, they will have stair treads of the appropriate size in two lengths.

Most of those treads will be made up of at least two pieces of wood. Reason, it is less expensive to make a tread from two more narrow pieces than one single piece.

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The reason to fab them would be to insert the truss rod to keep the 48" treads from sagging/springing.

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Are you planning on building these stairs yourself? A stair builder would have access to the correct material and tools to build these more efficiently and correctly as stairs are not the easiest DIY project.

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