Wood Finishing / Species Advice for Stairs

chefwongNovember 14, 2011

Hi All -

I took 2 pics of the tile to be installed in our basement.

One in lighting so you can see the ~color~ under various conditions.

Our basement got flooded & post Irene, new tile, etc.

For the stairs, can you advise what wood species / stain/finishing product you would recommend to match.

I was thinking either red oak edged grain or a more expensive species like cherry or walnut.


Thoughs, advice. Thanks in advance

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I'm not a wood expert ... but I'd go with the red oak because it seems to relate better to the tile. It has the same visual pattern and hint of orange/peach without being as orangey as the cherry you have in the picture (I'm assuming that is cherry). The cherry has more of a swirly grain pattern but the oak is more linear (is it quarter-sawn?) which is similar to the linear stripes on the tile.


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