Stained Glass Picture Frame

silvamaeNovember 15, 2009

Hi, guys! I am almost finished with the big glass totem, but I veered off course this week to do some picture frames that will be for sale in the spa where my daughter works. I didn't even take pictures of them and they're all gone now. I did each one in just one color with Swarovski crystal accents. However, this one I did with scrap glass of different thickness and all jumbled together with no regard for grout allowance or grout creep. Inspired by that web site I posted awhile back called "Ear of the Wind."

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You know I have seen a lot mosaic frames but that one is just so cool!!! I realy like it a lot.

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That is really really pretty.

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This is very pretty. What color is the grout. In the pic it looks silver. But it is very shiny.


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The grout is pewter. Then I sponged over everything randomly with a natural sea sponge using metallic copper and bronze acrylic paint. Then I wiped off some of the pieces and left the paint on other pieces. Then, I varnished over all of it with Liquitex gloss varnish.

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Oh.. it's free... and it's gorgeous!!! I love all of the colors and textures!!!

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You clever, clever girl!
That is beautiful!

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I really REALLY like the finish on this piece!!!! Thanks for the tip on the Liquitex. Looks like a product I may use. Hopefully it's available in Canada.

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Another beauty. You really know how to put colors together to get the best results.

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