Repair split on top pre finished floorboard

cherryblossomNovember 19, 2013

My installer did this in a few places - drove a nail over the tongue at an angle but didn't check that the nail was completely in. What resulted when slamming next board against the floorboard with the nail sticking out of it is that the nail broke through and lifted up part of the top on that other floor board. So new the question is, what is the best way to repair this. If we hammer over the spot the nail will just rip through the flap of wood that remains. Also, does anyone know what kind of crack this is. I'm having a hard time finding another like it on the web. Thanks.

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I would have the installer replace the floor, and fix the problem.

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Thank you for your suggestion. At this point I would be afraid that it'll be worse if they start all over again, they'll probably leave more than a few cracks. It definitely will turn into a case involving a courtroom if I asked them to take it out and start over . He said he'd come back to fix it. How realistic is it to believe it can be fairly corrected without tearing the whole floor out? I've seen floor repair ads showing a floor in horrible shape made beautiful, surely there's gotta be a way to correct a small crack.

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There are ways to fix some types of flooring mistakes---that one requires replacing the damaged piece.

Reason? Because the warranty is probably voided by the improper installation.

The fact there are several mistakes like that indicates the installer is not experienced/trained/competent.

Your choices now for a correct installation are to replace the damaged sections or have an entirely new floor installed. How you do that, sadly, may be very expensive, depending on the installers willingness to make the correct repairs.

I used to do work on other people's homes. I got all my work by referrals, I did no advertising. Part of my agreement to do a job was to allow strangers or acquaintances to ask/see the work I did. I realize there are not too many people who still operate that same way, but every competent craftsperson is proud of their work and should have very satisfied customers---who would be happy to show/recommend that work.

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Handymac, thank you for your input. Everything you say is true. My experience in a short time of trying to renovate after a flood has been that contractors give you a quote, drop off their men and then leave. Whether its a high quote, in between or low this is what they do. It seems to me that if I was a contractor I would like to also have a good reputation but once you have others working under you then it gets pretty difficult to control what other people working for you do or don't do. Do you work alone? I think to myself it's the only way. I'm so disappointed in the quality of work found out there nowadays. I called another company to get a quote on correcting this and they said $750. As far as the floor warrantee it's 25 years. I didn't know it could be voided by a splinter. I honestly thought the splinter could happen to anyone. Of course leaving it there is inexcusable, it should get repaired and my installer said he would. I just don't know if I trust him to do s flawless job. Ill begin by asking him how he plans on correcting it. At least it's a clue.

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It's not the splinter that would void the guarantee, it's the poor installation.

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