Landscape Lighting problems

dwojoJune 16, 2013

This is a follow up to a post that had died. I've got a 12v landscape lighting system with a 300 VA transformer and 14 lights. The light bulbs are generally 20 watt halogen but I also have two of the bigger bulbs on gate posts (same size that you would use for a desk lamp). Those bulbs are also 12v but are 50W bulbs. Problem I have is one section of spliced wires (connected by screw caps) really heats up and on occasion the lights in the strand, especially the 50 watt post lights, dim. Can the problem easily be corrected by replacing the bulbs with smaller more efficient wattage bulbs - especially the two post lights? Suggestions? Thx

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The heat is being caused by high resistance. That can be the result of a poor splice or, often found in outdoor copper LV wiring, oxidation of the copper in the wire. The wire at the splice should be bright and shiny and not dull and black.

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If my math is correct you have 340w on a 300w transformer.

14 lamps in total with 12 at 20w and 2 at 50w?

Are these lights divided into separate circuits from the transformer or are they all on the same circuit?

That comes to over 28 amps at 12v. What size wire are you using?

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