Blue/yellow 'Tuscan' table

neonrainNovember 2, 2008

I don't normally hang out here, but I do on other forums, but I wanted to see what you all thought about my table and if you can tell me if you think it fits the Tuscan style. I ask, because I have been working on my living room style and I have alot of wrought iron pieces. LOL, it wasn't until I photographed this table that I realized it matches my indigo blue sofa. I am still not sure where in the home I will place the small table. The table by the way is metal painted yellow by the eBay seller I purchased it from. The plates are Italian and they cost me quite a bit. Between the plates and the table, I spent an easy $40-50. It kills me to think about it.

It looks bigger in the photo, but the top is only a 12" diameter. I did however, get lucky enough to find a blue plate that would match the Italian plates, and I only spent .65 on it! The grout is a gray color. I don't experiment much with colored grout as I have ruined too many pieces, so I stick to white, black, sand or gray. In this case it is gray. LOL note my new pomeranian puppy. She is only 2 lbs at 4 months of age.

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Very pretty table and well done. I'm not experienced with the Tuscan genre, but there are loads of people here who a wealth of info I'm sure will help you out.

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It's a really pretty little table and looks very European to me. I've seen those colors in French design. I don't know Tuscan style really, but I hope others can help!

Come back soon!

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Yes, it looks Tuscan to me! I have been collecting blue/yellow combination of broken plates for a long time, trying to get enough together to do a large shelf. They are hard to come by. I like your table. It is charming.

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I did a little research and Tuscan it is! I originally purchased the plates for eating on, but I say that with all of the plates I buy. I prefer to eat on cheap ones and save my good ones for mosaic. True, yellow and blue are hard to come by. The are really shiny in person. My once expensive camera is outdated and I can't seem to capture really good photos any longer. Time for a new one!

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Happy little table, and very Tuscan. Good job.

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Nice job! Love the center medallion!!! Adorable Puppy!!!

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Great table! I have those exact same plates! I used the large dinner plates in blue for a peacock I am making for a challenge. I'll start a new thread for that.
Anyway...I just LOVE this little table and your puppy is just too cute!

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Now I have to find some blue and yellow stuff!
That is a wonderful table!

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Thank you all. I really love it! (as well as my puppy- LOL). The tiles are just really, really shiny in person and so smooth to the touch. I rarely make anything using the same pattern of plates, but in this case I couldn't go wrong. Cindiloo, You probably found that these plates cut very easily and even the parts not in the center or edge, could be cut to lay flat. I have some left over along with the solid cornflower blue. I think I have enough to make a small planter.

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Oh yes, these plates are like butter to cut! I have the rims all cut and lined up, and the center focal cut out...just don't know what I'm gonna make with it all yet.
I might just have to blantly copy your table, if you don't mind?

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Cindiloo...Oh no, I don't mind. If you have the plates go ahead. You may copy mine. I really don't mind! I just got lucky with the blue plate matching, even if it is a different brand, but the thickness is the same. Since you have the dishes you also know that you can substitute solid green in a shamrock green, in place of the blue. I almost did that but I didn't want to pay the high price to the eBay seller for either the whole plate or the tiles cut up, and that is when I stumbled upon the blue plate at a good will store.

Here is what I found when researching a solid color to match. I could not find that Fiesta (which would go great with these plates), had a cornflower or French blue. All I was able to find were cobalt or sky blue which I thought were too light. If you should go with green Fiesta's Shamrock green is the perfect shade. What grout color would you go with?

I just had a great idea! I have left over tiles including the blue. I think I will make a matching wall sconce or candle holder and really spruce up the Tuscan look. All of my indoor wrought iron pieces go great with this table.

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