Best Miter Saw for Me

avadooneNovember 21, 2010

I would like to know the main difference between these two saws? Also, what is the difference between 10" and 12"?

I have been looking at these saws for my christmas present from my boyfriend. He just got a new house and I would love to install moulding. As for myself, I do small wood furniture and building projects and I use molding or trim quite often.

I mostly need a saw that will


*cut at at several angles.

*alot of flexibility and features, as I would like to get more involved in woodwork

*be easy to use and reliable

*price, sort of :-p

So if anyone has an idea of a better choice they think I should look at, let me hear it. I am just trying to make a well informed purchase as I plan to do more projects.

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First, do not just look at Amazon and look elsewhere. You can find a similar saw(like the first example) for $200-$300.

The first saw leans one way(to the left as you look at it).
I have an earlier model of that saw and used it in my business(remodeling). I actually burnt out the bearings and had it repaired. Good solid saw.

The second saw tilts both ways, left and right. This function is easier for folks who have a difficult time cutting reverse angles by reversing the stock. You simply tilt the saw to the right to get a reverse angle to a left tilt angle.

Either saw has to be checked for proper settings , but can be adjusted.

Now, I used mine mainly for deck work. When I used it for trim, I only cut miters for coping. I did have to use it sometimes for outside corner mitering. Coping inside corners doing trim work saves time and makes a superior joint.

But, as a rule, I preferred using my table saw and Incra V27 miter guage for outside angles or odd angles. Reason? The table saw/Incra combo was much more precise. And much faster to set up and make cuts.

I do not use the DeWalt at all in my wood shop. The only function there would be for cross cutting stock, and I simply do not have room for a tool that only does that.

Could the saw be used in a wood shop? Sure. It is much better than no saw if you do not have a good table saw.

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I do not have a table saw, I would really like one but I am worried, because I am very accident prone. It always seems like table saws seem to the culprit...

What is difference between 10 and 12?

I think I like the idea of it tilting both ways because I do tend to get a little turned around sometimes.

Has anyone had experience with the laser guides? Do they improve accuracy?

I have making my own furniture, built a pantry and a bench and more. I have been using a miter box. It's getting old and I'm ready to move up to something a bit quicker and less labor.

I read a little about coping. I didn't really understand it. I am going to look into that more, search the site.

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SawStop. The table saw that makes it extremely unlikely you will get more than a scratch. Contractor model is about $900. Seriously, look it up on Google.

The major difference between 10" and 12" miter saws is the 12" compound models cut wider stock than a 10" compound. A 10" slider will cut much wider stock than a 12" compound---but costs much more---starting at $500 and up.

Laser guides are a gimmick, IMHO. The ones I used were not accurate enough even for framing. You still have to measure, so no time saved there. And many can be knocked out of alignment---just too gimmicky.

Go nto a home improvement store, look in the book carousel. Buy a book on finish carpentry or trim carpentry. Shows how to cope.

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I am with handy mac. A mitre saw can be useful but a good table saw with a good blade in my opinion can do much more. I would get the best Table saw I could afford and the best blade also. The " saw stop " really works .If you have not seen the ads a hot dog against the saw stop will stop the machine with only very minor damage to the hot dog.
Just one example of a TS out performing a MS is ripping boards that you want to join for a table top. With a shop made crosscut sled you can make a lot of the angle cuts.Johnny

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