Here Fishy Fishy

oldcraftyNovember 10, 2013

Another piece I am working on.

It's a GOG and is really testing me! I have tried multiple colors to use to fill in now and nothing seems to work. Blues are totally out.....looks awful! Besides catfish are bottom feeders in lakes and rivers and that water is no where near blue. Greens makes the fish disappear.... I had one lady suggest black. Opinions please! I have to finish the fins yet and I am not happy with my grasses but at this point they have to stay as the glue is mighty tight! For someone that has been scared to tackle designs I have jumped off and got both feet wet .....and so much for starting with something simple. I asked several local people that do mosaics for a suggestion on how to do a fish and how to start. They said they would not attempt the picture I was showing them that I wanted to do. So all you pros.....have I started the right way or can you tell me what I might want to do differently next project. By the way it will not be hung so that light will go thru it, it will be framed and hang against the wall.

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

Maybe a light, light orange/rust?

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I vote for black, perhaps shading to something lighter near the top. Excellent fish!

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I like the shading lighter idea....never thought of that and that is exactly why I knew I needed to ask on this forum. Thanks

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I think he looks fantastic. You might maybe look at a very light shade of the tan you have at the bottom in a wispy shade with white swirled in...Black or gray would be very dramatic, I would like that too.

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There are many light colors of stain glass and even a clear with texture to make it look like water.

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Great job on the fish, CRAFTY. You're on a roll. I knew this would happen, once you got over your fear. Let me tell you - your addiction is gonna get much worse. Stay w/it, you'll figure it out.

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